If you want to be market leader, you need to have a clear focus. One of the key points that sets Schenk apart is the continuous search for new innovations. Whether these contribute to lower fuel consumption, safer working conditions or more efficient planning, we take an active interest in new developments.

New markets and new products require new techniques for safe and efficient transport. A good example is the development of cryogenic tank trailers for the transport of LNG. Existing cryogenic techniques that have been used for a long time in the transport and storage of air gases have been further developed for the safe loading and unloading of LNG. The specific properties of LNG in relation to regular air gases, such as nitrogen and argon, need other safety requirements in the tankers, adapted loading and unloading procedures and adapted pump systems. Schenk made a significant contribution to these adjustments. Now, Schenk has a large LNG trailer fleet and a group of drivers who are used every day to supply both LNG filling stations and ship bunkers.