Safety First isn't just a meaningless catchphrase.   The safety policy has been implemented in detail across all of our operational procedures. Our consistent approach in this area has resulted in Schenk drivers being among the best-educated in the market.

safety and quality policy

At Schenk Tank Transport, our safety and quality policy is dynamic. All Schenk Tank Transport locations are SQAS certified. This rating system guarantees that the transporting company meets strict requirements in terms of quality, safety and the environment. By working with SQAS quality standards, we can minimise business risks and hazards. At the same time, we're optimising and guaranteeing the safety and quality of the work we do.

All Schenk Tank Transport locations are run using an integrated Quality Management System. This Quality Management System is used as the guideline for the quality organisation, which is made up by a quality manager, operational supervisors and driver trainers for each country. Together they guarantee and optimise our a reliable, high quality and safe transport.

At Schenk Tank Transport, we only use modern, new transport equipment fitted out with top-notch safety and comfort systems.

Company Controllers

Schenk has multiple Operational Supervisors who are tasked with maintaining the quality and safety of our transports. These Operational Supervisors carry out inspections while our drivers are loading and unloading. They support and coach the drivers in their work. To do this, they use Loss Prevention Observations (LPO) and comprehensive checklists. The drivers receive feedback about the LPOs.


Educating and training our staff is an important part of our business at Schenk. To keep the quality of the transport at a high level, staff are trained both internally and externally.

For internal training, Schenk has its own training rooms on the Nieuwland Parc (P2) business park in Alblasserdam (NL), next to the workshops. These training rooms are equipped with, among other things, smart screens, tablets, with which the theory can be conveyed in an attractive way by means of films and photos. 

The employees, and in particular the drivers, are a calling card for both Schenk and the client. Periodically, the drivers also take the following training courses:
-  Defensive driving (Smith and BBS)
-  Efficient driving/new driving 
-  Incident control tanker driver
-  Safe driving with tractor/trailer 
-  (repetition) ADR 
-  VCA 
-  Customer-friendliness 

Office and workshop employees are given the opportunity to follow specialist courses and general training courses. That allows us to maintain our high level of behind-the-scenes support.