At Schenk, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integrated into business operations. The interests of clients, employees, the community and the environment are part of company policy. The safety of our employees and other involved parties, as well as the protection of the environment, are central  in the executiont of our business activities.
Our complete CSR policy statement can, if desired, be requested from  

Schenk pays continuous attention to making transport activities more sustainable. Fuel Focus is an internal campaign aimed at reducing fuel consumption. We can achieve a lot by coaching drivers on optimal driving behavior.

Safe driving behavior is extremely important to Schenk as a transporter of dangerous goods. We invest heavily in technology with which we can support our objectives. In May 2020, we provided 100 cars additional with dash cams. Through the collected dashcam images we have efficient and appealing training material that we use in our training program.

Finally, our fleet consists almost entirely of trucks equipped with engines that meet Euro 6 emission standards and we have been investing in trucks equipped with LNG-powered engines from the end of 2018. This allows us to reduce CO2 and particulate emissions as much as possible.

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