Corporate social responsibility

At Schenk, we put Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into practice by managing our business in an ethical, socially responsible way. In our company policies and the work we do, we take the interests of our investors, clients, employees into account, along with the interests of the community and the environment.

Protecting the environment and ensuring public safety are at the core of our business.

You can request a copy of our CSR policy statement by e-mailing  

Fuel Focus is an internal campaign that's focused on reducing fuel consumption. Collectively, we can achieve so much simply by making drivers aware of their driving habits. We use posters and newsletters, along with trainings and drivers' meetings, to keep Fuel Focus top of mind.

Due to the continued increase in telematics in Schenk's fleet and driver performance mapping, we've gotten a clearer picture of where we score well and where we have room to improve. Nearly all of our trucks are now equipped with Fuel Save measuring equipment, so we can provide monthly driver reports to an increasingly large group.